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2017-18 Action Plan:

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Teacher's NameDavid Manning
Course(s) TaughtFoundations
Period Taught2,6
David Manning
David Manning
2D Graphics Development
David Manning
3D Animation
John Hughes
English 2/English 2 Honors
Kristin Pickren
English 4/English 4 Honors
Patricia DeBellis
English 3/English 3 Honors
Christine Ryan-McKerley
English 4/English 4 Honors
Brian Moriarty
English 1/English 1 Honors

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects

All classes: Last quarter will be focused on creating games based on the novel they are reading in Language Arts. Games created with Game Maker, RPG Maker, Unity, and Unreal Engine. Students need to make a sequel, sidequel, prequel, or dramatic retelling of their novel as the story for their game. They need to write papers in game & sim connecting their games to their novel, and explaining elements of setting, plot, character, etc... from their novel and how it is impacting the creation of their game. This project will last 9 weeks.
Curriculum In Action:
Curriculum In Action:
Standard 2: Cohort Schedule
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Standard 3: Program of Study / 4 Yr Plan
Academy has students certify in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, and Toon Boom Storyboard Pro. We are actively working on letting students certify in Unity and CIW for next school year.
Game and Sim
Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Advisory Sign-in 11_15_17.JPGAdvisory Sign-in 3_7_18.JPG
Standard 5: Enrollment
Enrollment:9th: 18
12th: 15
Total: 80
Standard 6: Professional Collaboration
Attended summer academy workshop August 2018

August - September 2017 - Attended PAX Dev and PAX West with Shirley White (Game & Sim teacher with New Smyrna HS)

PLC: STEM Monday meetings during Office hours (Aug. 2017-May 2018) approximately 30 meetings, 15 hours.
Planned training meeting for other game & sim teachers: April 6 2018 - all day

ERPL - Academy/core meetings:10/25 2-4pm , 11/8 2-4pm , 1/24 2-4pm , 2/21/18 2-4pm
Early Release meetings with Core teachers: Hughes, McMann, George, Martinez - monthly (Oct., Nov., Jan., Feb, March, April)
Collaboration via e-mail, phone calls, texts
Quarterly Skype meetings with Richard Bowrosen, Shirley White, and Mainland HS Game & Sim teachers

Collaborate with Timbercrest Elementary - STEAM Night 10/27 (provided activities and student volunteers)

Director's Meetings (2) -16 hours (9/29/2017, 03/23/2018)

Estimated total hours Academy Core Team Planning: 32 hours
Standard 7: Recruitment
UHS Open House: 8/29/17
Future Freshman Night: 1/31/2017
Timbercrest STEAM night: 10/27/2018
High School Showcase: 12/14/2017
Other [UHS Titan Game Club]: ongoing. Students are invited to join the club from all over the school. This has been used to get new students to enroll in the academy that attend UHS, but didn't realize what Game & Sim academy is like.
Standard 8: Career Focus / Workbased Learning
Otronicon Field Trip:
UCF Field Trip

Standard 9: Marketing
Social Media Presence: @uhsgamesim
Academy Logo: Video-Game-Controller-Icon.jpg
Academy Promotional Event: Mini Golf Tournament at Family Fun Town 12/06/2018
Academy Shirts: academy.jpg
Academy Promotional Video on Youtube: Youtube
High School Showcase Brochure: brochure.jpg
Alumni Association: Alumni meet on facebook and volunteer for events to help the academy (such as the lock-in, gamefest, and watch the skies. They also playtest student games and provide feedback.
Final Evaluation: