Academy Director: David Manning

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's NameManning
Course(s) TaughtFoundations
Period Taught1,4,7
2D Graphics Development
3D Graphics Animation
Katelyn Pickus
Eng. 1 (U)
Brittany White
Eng. 2 (U)
Patty Debellis
Eng. 2 (U)
3, 4
Dawn Drysdale
Eng. 3 Hon (U)
Jessie White
Eng. 4 (X)
Robert Vickery
Eng. 4 (X)

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects

All classes: Last quarter was focused on creating games based on the novel they are reading in Language Arts. Games created with Game Maker, RPG Maker, and Unreal Engine. Students need to make a sequel, sidequel, prequel, or dramatic retelling of their novel as the story for their game. The need to write papers in game & sim connecting their games to their novel, and explaining elements of setting, plot, character, etc... from their novel and how it is impacting the creation of their game.
Curriculum In Action:
Curriculum In Action:
Guest speaker from Riot Gameswith level 2,3, and 4 students.
GameFest 2017 students.

UHS Won awards in:
Game Writing
Game Design
Level Design
Character Design
Quiz Bowl
Smash Brothers
and Overwatch
Standard 2: Career Focus

Standard 3: Program of Study

Academy Sequence
Standard 4: Advisory Committee
Tammy Hollis – Robotics
Javier Sabin – Robotics
Dr. Walters – UCF (Biology)
David Griffis – UF Extension Services
Ginger Adair – VCS Environ
Amy Monahan – VCS STEM
Leanna Parrish
Ariel Gibson – Environ Tech Ambassador
Denise Montenegro – G&S Ambassador
John Hamilton - Engineering Ambassador
Kayla Hollis – Robotics Ambassador
Malorie Kinney – Biomed Ambassador
Amber Kelso – Biomed Ambassador (school-only)

We are doing on online meeting through a forum I created which will culminate in a final online meeting to be held in May.
Link to online forum:
Currently searching for business partner to chair advisory council meeting's going forward.
Standard 5: Enrollment
62 Students in Academy. (9) Level 4's, (15) Level 3's, (19) Level 2's, (19) Level 1's. 0% out of district.
17 Seniors, 9 Juniors, 17 Sophomores, 19 Freshman
Standard 6: Pure Schedule
62 Students in Academy. (9) Level 4's, (15) Level 3's, (19) Level 2's, (19) Level 1's. 0% out of district.
80 level 1 students, 19 are academy. 23.75% are academy students
54 level 2 students, 19 are academy. 35.18% are academy students
22 level 3 students, 15 are academy. 68.18% are academy students
9 level 4 students, all 9 are academy. 100% are academy students

Seniors that are in AP

Joshua - AP

Batten - AP

Jonathan - AP

Juniors that are in AP

Trenton - AP

Addison - AP

No Dual Enroll students currently

Found errors in crosspoint for our academy progress monitoring report as to # of enrolled students which effects enrollment and pure schedule.

Will be fixed over summer if not completed by May. Many students missing or have been added but aren't accounted for.

Completed the chart based on data from data warehouse but it also had errors on roster as some students were placed

in the non-academy roster, but are academy students. This needs to be fixed when time is allotted.

Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration
  1. Weekly PLC meetings every Monday-Collaboration through e-mail, text, phone, Microsoft Lync, Skype and face to face meetings
    1. 9/12/16, 9/26/16, 10/3/16, 10/10/16, 10/17/16, 10/24/16, 10/31/16, 11/7/16, 11/14/16, 11/21/16, 11/28/16, 12/5/16, 12/12/16, 12/19/16, 1/9/17, 1/23/17, 1/30/16, 2/6/17, 2/13/17, 2/20/17, 2/27/17, 3/6/17, 3/20/17, 3/27/17, 4/3/17 (25 occasions 12.5 hours)
      Yet to occur PLC's: o 4/10, 4/17, 4/24, 5/8, 5/15 (6 additional planned meetings - 3 hours)
  2. Collaborating with Mrs. Gear and Multi-VE pk-2 program – having students create geometry games at end of 4th quarter
  3. Academy Director’s Meeting on November 17
  4. Ongoing collaboration with other Game & Sim teachers through Canvas. November 1st and 2nd curriculum meetings.
  5. Professional Development Day – last hour was in PLC’s 9/19/16 (1 Hour)
  6. ERPL 9/28/16 (2 hours), 10/5/16 (short due to hurricane – 1 hour), 1/25/17 (2 hours), 2/8/17 (2 hours), 3/8/17, (2 hours)
Standard 8: Staff Development
  1. Academy Director's Meetings
  2. Early Release Professional Learning (Early Release Wednesdays)
  3. Weekly STEM PLC Meeting with CTE Teachers
  4. MyGraphicsLab and GMetrix
  5. Monthly CTE department meetings
  6. Attended E3 2016 June 14-16, I will be attending E3 2017 in June
  7. Attended Certified 2016 Conference June 28-30 I will be attending Certified 2017
  8. Attended Educational Justice Conference summer 2016
  9. Attended PAX West 2016 September 2-5 2016 I will be attending PAX West 2017 in September.
  10. Curriculum Planning Meetings with Game & Sim academy directors November 1-2 2016.
Standard 9: Articulation
Open House at UHS - September 2016
High School Showcase - December 2016
UHS Sneak Peak - January 26 2017
UCF STEM Expo October 2016
EMS Military Day January 2017
STEM 5K/Color Run - postponed
CTE Liason sent to River Springs Middle School

Ambassador - Michael Sheffield
Co-Ambassador - Trenton Ward
Standard 10: Workbased Learning
UCF S.T.E.M. Day 2016
Level 2 students created a Watch the Skies Megagame and ran it as a fund raiser. They were given a budget they had to stick to, and had to go around the community selling tickets.
Digifest 2017
Level 2 students have been invited to run Watch the Skies on May 28th at MegaCon in Orlando.

Standard 11: Capstone Project
Project for Level 1: They are each making a game using RPG Maker that relates to their language arts novel.
Project for Level 2: They are each making a game using RPG Maker, GameMaker, or a tabletop game that relates to their language arts novel.
Project for Level 3: They are each making a game using RPG Maker, GameMaker, or Unreal Engine that relates to their language arts novel.
Project for Level 4: They are each making a game using RPG Maker, GameMaker, or Unreal Engine that relates to their language arts novel.
Currently the captstone project is being worked on. Since the end of the year has not occured cannot provide final numbers for completion.
Currently 100% of students are working towards completing their capstone project.

Standard 12: Marketing
Academy Ambassadors: Michael Sheffield and Trenton Ward
Students created a Game & Simulation logo.
Advertised to local businesses our MegaGame.
Partnering with ibuildacademy to encourage students to look into game & sim when they leave middle school.
Partnering with Galaxy Middle School STEM program to have my students work with their students on STEM projects.
S.T.E.M. T-shirts
Game Club T-shirts
Open House. Spoke with parents first about certifications, then Game Maker coding. Discussed grading system and Edmodo access.
Created Game & Sim Twitter, Youtube channel, and grant parents access to Edmodo which is updated with all projects being worked on.
Advisory Council

Our shirts:
Megagame facebook group:
Game club advertisement:
Final Evaluation: