S.T.E.M. Academy of Gaming & Simulation

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Academy Director: Geeta Laloo

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule: Geeta Laloo

Teacher's NameGeeta Laloo
Course(s) TaughtGame Foundations
Period Taught2, 4, 6, & 7

Game Design

Game 2D Graphic

Game 3D Gr. Animation

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects

Curriculum In Action:
Level 1- Game Foundation student evaluating his classmate Math Game

CTE Standard 08.0---9th graders working on historical significance of electronic and non-electronic games timeline poster board
Level 2-Game Design students working on creating a hand-eye coordination dexterity game

Curriculum In Action
CIA---Dexter, Game Simulation student trying to beat his 9 levels math game he created. while other students look on.

UHS Simulation Classroom 4 CIA Visit.JPG
Picture courtesy Mrs. Dumas CIA visit. Student creation of a simulation light.

Student above created a voice activated light switch


Standard 2: Career Focus

Students who visited the University of Central Florida

Game & Simulation 9-12 graders present their playable games to River Spring Middle School
Students who visited Manatee Cove Elementary

Dequan on his visit to the University of Central Florida got to trying out a simulation experience.

Many students got to experience firsthand what it is like to create a game and have others play it. They received feedback and experienced what it likes to see their games in actions. This was a very rewarding experience for the students both and the elementary and high school level.
Haley gets real work experience from her game creation

Standard 3: Program of Study

Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Standard 5: Enrollment --
Currently waiting on DeVito to fix 9th grade enrollment, once fixed, I will add the progress monitoring report to confirm enrollment.

Standard 6: Pure Schedule ---
See Mr. John DeVito & Mrs. Jaime Luxton

Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration

  1. Weekly PLC Meetings-Collaboration through E-mail, Text, Phone, Microsoft Lync, Skype and face to face meetings
  2. Integrated Curriculum Writing Meetings
  3. Collaborated multiple times during the year with Mrs. Kiser and 5th grade teachers at Manatee Cove Elementary – Set up student’s presentation
  4. Collaborated with Mr. Fowler at River Springs Middle School setting up student’s presentation
  5. End Of Course writing with other Game & Simulation teachers in the county.
  6. Academy Director’s Meeting in November
  7. Academy Director’s Meeting in January
  8. Academy Director’s Meeting in March
  9. Ongoing collaboration with Mrs. G. Clifford at Mainland High School on gaming materials and information
  10. Jessica Clayton, the STEM Director, maintains the agenda and paperwork for our weekly PLC’s.

Standard 8: Staff Development

  1. Academy Director's Meetings- November 2014, January & March 2015

  2. Attended Integrated Curriculum Writing workshop in August 2014
  3. Monthly Professional Development (Early Release Wednesdays)
  4. Weekly STEM PLC Meeting with CTE Teachers
  5. Academy Application Processing/Qualifying-FEB. 08, 2015
  6. and GMetrix
  7. Adobe Illustrator Training & Certification - Mainland High -- Feb 25, 26 & 27th
  8. Monthly CTE department meeting
Standard 9: Articulation

Grade 8 ------------ CTE Liaison- Debra Dumas (attends our feeder middle school to share information

about the academies at UHS)

Grade 8 ------------- Sneak Peak – Future Freshman Night at University High School Grade 8, Jan, 21st

Grade 8- 9 ---------- Academy Open House at University High School – September 06, 2014

Grade 8-------------- High School Showcase at Volusia County Fairgrounds – December 11, 2014

Grade 9-12------ ---- STEM Academy Family Night- February 5, 2015

Grade 9-12--------- - Articulation of Video Math Games to Manatee Cove Elementary 4th & 5th grades

Grade 6-12---------- River Springs Middle School articulation of Video Math Games and Dexterity Games

Grade 8-9 ------------9th Grade Orientation

Grade 9 9th---------- Grade Registrations

Grade 9-12 ---------- STEM Academy Assembly

Standard 10: Workbased Learning

Standard 11: Capstone Project
Game Foundations (Level 1) - Students create a playable game with design documentations to include the following in their develop design plans.

Character sketches, game script, world design documentation and storyboards for proposed games.

Game Design (Level 2) - Students create a playable game using various software. Students create a storyboard describing the

essential elements, plot, flow, and functions of the game/simulation. They create a design specification document to include interface

and delivery choices, rules of play, navigation functionality, scoring, media choices, start and end of play, special features, development team credits, character sketches, game script, and world design documentations for the proposed games. Students will present the game or simulation to other students. Level 2 students also worked on completing the project in the PDF file above.

Game & Simulation 2D Graphic Development (Level 3) -

Students will work on an independent project that will enabled them to develop their teamwork skills, perform research, complete technical writing, produce a product/display for review and reflect. Students will conduct an independent inquiry and completion of the project must be accomplished in a regular weekly session with all students’ product/s submitted through the network on the “H” drive for each week leading to the outcome. Students will also create a 2D playable game during the last week of school.

Standard 12: Marketing

Academy Ambassador: Jonathan Cueva

December 17, 2014 - S.T.E.M. Academies Advisory Committee meeting

S.T.E.M. T-shirt

Game Club T-shirts

January 21, 2015 --Sneak Peak Open House @ UHS

River Springs Sneak Peak,

December 11, 2015 - Volusia County Fairground = High School Showcase

Central Florida STEM's General Meeting - Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy on February 20th

January 14, 2015 --Field Trip to Manatee Cove Elementary

January 26, 2015 - Field Trip to our feeder school - River Springs Middle

Academy Graduation Pin

Daytona News Journal Article below

Group of students that visited River Springs Middle School marketing their (Gaming) product and recruiting for the academy.

New Journal 2015.jpg


Final Evaluation: